FAQ - FoodTrip | Viajes Gastronómicos en Chile
Which is the currency in Chile?

The currency in Chile is the peso, US Dollars are not accepted in commerce. There are however many places where you can change currency.

What language is spoken in Chile? Do you have multicultural guides?

In Chile we speak Spanish, our guides are bilingual in English and in some cases Portuguese and French.

How much time ahead do I have to book a tour?

Tours can be reserved with a minimum of 24 hours of anticipation.

What is the minimum of participants for each tour?

Each tour has defined a mInimum of passengers, generally it is 2 or 3 people.

Can I reserve a private tour?

All our tours can be quoted as a private tour.

How do I pay for a tour?

Our tours can be paid in national currency (Chilean peso) through Webpay Plus system. If you to prefer to pay in another currency you may do so through Paypal.

Can I pay the same day of the tour?

No, the tour must be paid 24 hours ahead.

Does the price of the tour include food and beverage?

Our tours include all food, beverage and amenities mentioned in the description.

Which is the minimum age for a tour?

All ages are welcome. In case they are a minor they must be accompanied by someone over 18.

Is it safe for foreigners to drink tap water?

Most Chileans drinks tap water. If you are not among them we strongly recommend you drink bottled water. We will provide you with mineral water in all our tours.

If I had dietary restrictions when should I provide this information?

When you make your reservation you will be able to inform us of any dietary restrictions and we will take care of it.