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Cocktails & wine tours

Gastronomic tours

Tailor made

Tours in Santiago and wine Chile regions

Discover Chile in a different and entertaining way traveling wine routes. Meet producers and taste the best strains of our country.

Bars and Drinks tours

One amazing way to experience Santiago is by exploring its thriving nightlife and bar scene. As we hop from bar to bar on this tour, you’ll get to taste some of the city’s most treasured cocktails.

calle new york

Culinary heritage tour

We will visit the historic center, a sector that stands out for concentrating the largest amount of the city’s heritage, where political, social and urban tales have been happening for more than two centuries.

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paseo por mercados

Santiago markets tour

Our tour begins at la Vega Central, a traditional market where sellers, local restaurateurs, and consumers converge, making it a must see to get a glimpse of popular life and historical heritage of the city. We’ll explore picturesque corridors.

Best of Foodtrip Chile

Learn from our culture through local cuisine, its flavors, history and origins.

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At FoodTrip we work with the best producers, restaurants and vineyards in Chile.